Buy private-label or inventory from top manufacturers outside of Asia

Source directly from Latin American fashion manufacturers at good costs, with high quality, unique designs, and record lead times.

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What is MarcoPolo?

We are the first platform that allows you to get in touch with manufacturers all over Latin America with the same ease as buying from Alibaba.


    Starting a company is not easy and getting great suppliers that understand your business stage could end up in turmoil. 

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    • What We Do

      We find quality suppliers that meet the unique needs of your business. We insure you are getting he best prices wether you buy private label or stock 

    • Impo/Expo Longtime Experience

      Knowing how to get things from A to B is crucial. Projecting import costs, talking fabrics, doing sampling and logistics for brands. 

    We are backed by Y Combinator,

    The Silicon Valley based accelerator behind the growth of companies such as:

    How do we do it?

    Our expertise in sourcing and network in Latin America allows us to translate your needs, offer risk-free links with established manufacturers. Helping you find the perfect product for your company. 

    • Marco polo step 1
      Tell us what you need.
    • Marco polo step 2
      We find a manufacturer.
    • Marco polo step 3
      Get quotes and samples.
    • Marco polo step 4
      Close the deal.

    What differentiates us ?

      • Faster lead times
      • Trustworthy, high quality manufacturers
      • Support for private labels
      • Quality and background checks (minimizing uncertainty)
      • Transparency in entire shipping process
      • Interesting variety of products
      • Source from markets with trade agreements

    Not a Brand?

    This is where you can find new clients abroad. There are plenty of brands that want to work with you. 

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